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Within Europe, over 235 species of reptile and amphibian reside, assembling an untold myriad of herpetofauna, many of which are biologically or culturally significant. Nevertheless, many European species of herptile lie under the radar, away from the public consciousness. This presents a problem, for both the identity of Europe’s natural history but also its imperative conservation.
We at Celtic Reptile & Amphibian, help to educate and inform everyone about these underappreciated animals; through networking and photography alike. We also aim to breed selected species of reptile and amphibian to have available to willing and committed owners. This is due to our personal philosophy that captive breeding is ever more crucial to the preservation of Europe’s herptiles.

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Take a herpetological tour around Europe, with our tailored photography workshops

We offer a range of workshops brought to you by the UK’s best wildlife photographers, helping you master your skills on a untypical subject! We also allow tailed experiences for professional photographers. Please head to our photography page for more infomation.

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Eyed Lizard ,Timon lepidus, staffordshire, captive
aesculapian snake, zamenis longissumus, staffordshire, captive
european tree frog, hyla, arborea, staffordhshire, captive
slowworm, Anguis fragilis, staffordshire, captive
Common lizard, Zootoca vivipara, basking on log, captive, staffordshire, september
pool frog, Pelophylax lessonae, sat in mud
wall lizard, podarcis muralis, staffordshire, captive
European green lizard ,Lacerta viridis, staffordshire, captive
european tree frog, hyla, arborea, staffordhshire, captive

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