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Celtic Reptile & Amphibian is a company that strives for the consolidation of reptile and amphibian species in Europe, leading the way to a more dynamic and interesting world. We do so by allowing otherwise unlikely experiences, between people and these fascinating animals, to happen, allowing the magic of nature to do her work, creating a vital link between these usually overlooked species, helping in the eventuality of their conservation. Abracadabra! 

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So, why European species?

European reptiles and amphibians have always been central to Celtic Reptile & Amphibian’s philosophy. This was due to the realisation that these exquisite species are largely underrepresented within both the herpetoculture hobby, and interests of conservation. Unlike the ‘exotic’ herptiles which hail from the tropics, these animals are often so close to many of us – they live on, overlooked.
Another reason as to why we work with solely European reptiles and amphibians is that they can be kept with relative ease outdoors in the UK. This allows the animals to receive natural UVB and UVA light from the sun, a constant fresh air supply as well as access to sustainable, naturally occurring insects. 


If you have any questions on how to care for and prepare for your European herptiles, don’t hesitate to send us a message here.


Conservation imperative

The preservation of these precious animals is in our DNA. By forming a viable captive population we can achieve two very important goals; up-close education and a crucial insurance policy.

Having a reliable source of animals allows for education in its many forms. Whether it be personalised, one on one experiences or within a documentary, it is important that we can advance these wonderful animals into the public eye so that conservation is perceived as important and very much needed. Celtic Reptile & amphibian take part in many public informative displays such as community workshops and talks.

By successfully breeding herptiles in captivity, We can also mitigate against extinction. This means that if wild populations of amphibians and reptiles were to dwindle, they can always be replenished with captive individuals, under the right circumstances.


Always outdoors

Part of our philosophy, as custodians of European herptile species, is to keep our animals outdoors, exposed to the elements. This is because it means our animals are the healthiest captive subjects. The sun’s UV, temperature and seasonal cycles along with naturally occurring prey allow our animals to be true representatives of their wild counterparts.

Therefore, our animals offer a paramount opportunity for education and conservation through various mediums.

Our Team


Tom Whitehurst

Co-Founder and Director

Harvey Tweats

Harvey Tweats

Co-Founder and Director

Find out about our core company values.

As a company founded on the understanding and conservation of these animals, we have decided to create a list of core principles behind our work.