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Celtic Reptile & Amphibian is actively looking for potential opportunities to work with teams responsible for the production and filming of animals for commercial and educational use.  We believe that establishing European herptiles within the media helps further conservation efforts, as it raises awareness. We currently offer many tailored consultancies and workshops to enable the near impossible of bringing genuine nature to the camera. These can range from ex-situ workshops, where we bring animals to you, or using our domestic filming facilities.


Over the short time period in which Celtic Reptiles & Amphibian has been established, we have already worked with many organisations and businesses up and down the country, ranging from universities and colleges, to wildlife film making and photography. So far we have found something inspiring; that many people are as enthralled and excited about these animals as us! We will happily collaborate to achieve the vision of creators, as long as we deem the goal appropriate.

Universities and educational institutions

Celtic Reptile & Amphibian’s knowledge, passion and experience allows for educational partnerships around these wonderful animals. We have experience as public speakers and presenters, even outside the herptile world. We are looking for ways to branch out into the education sector, helping people gain a broader understanding of the animals we have come to love. Often, we bring in specific species into an educational establishment and give a presentation, allowing for people to see the animals in person. This style is more orientated around lower education. Whereas with universities, we offer ultimate flexibility to allow students to gain a studying experience like no other. We happily tailor workshops around your given subject area.

Arrangements can be made as per request by emailing us at: or by going here

Here, univeristy students are learning how to capture photographs using natural light and harsh exposure.

Using sets they built themselves, Univeristy of Nottingham students were taking photographs of tree frogs as part of a magazine cover project – in which you can see below.


This wonderful work is courtesy of RGImages.

Film making

Celtic Reptile & Amphibian has worked with many film makers to provide the oppotunities to video these animals, which would be challenging in the wild. Celtic offers a superior service to many others, as they animals are wholy accustomed to people, meaning they act natural even around a camera! We are also one of the only establishments to offer a wide array of European species – legal and captive bred – inwhich some are protected from disturbance in the wild.

Our partnership with Jack Perks to help create this informative video about the UK’s Aesculapian snakes.

A local film-maker filming around one of our sites, encapsulating how the animals are kept and bred.

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